Therapist Profile

Social Work License AR 1984-C

University of Arkansas in Fayetteville
     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (1998)

University of Arkansas in Little Rock
     Masters in Social Work (2002)
-Post Graduate Emphasis in Eating Disorders and Expressive Therapies (on-going)

Professional Affiliations:
NEDA-National Eating Disorder Association
IAEDP-International Association of
Eating Disorder Professionals
AATA-American Art Therapy Association

EDCA-Eating Disorder Coalition of Arkansas, founding member, president 2014

Treatment Philosophy:

Eat Happy is a specialized, outpatient psychotherapy service designed to heal problems with food, weight, and body image. EAT HAPPY IS NOT A DIET PLAN! Personally and professionally, I know the pain caused by struggling with food. Whether you have mild food obsessions, dislike your body, or are suffering with a life-threatening eating disorder, there is hope. I use evidence-based therapy practices to target both psychological and behavioral components of disordered eating. I believe you can and will make a full recovery if that is your intention

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